We all experience similar things as business owners in South Africa. One thing that we all think about is how to generate constant leads for my business and keep the sales funnel full. Lead generation strategies are important for the continuous flow of work, but sometimes figuring them out and them implementing them can be daunting.

To add fuel to the fire, people just don’t buy or react the way that they used to. Purchasing decisions have changed dramatically from what they were five years ago and as brands it is important to understand that change and then embrace it and adapt.

Here are five lead generation strategies that can help you to identify potential customers and then turn those prospects into sales opportunities through a variety of different tactics.

1. SEO

Understanding the power of long tail keyword strategy is probably the strongest tool in your arsenal. By creating content in the form of blogs or articles regularly, based on long tail keyword research, you can build up a steady flow of traffic and semi-qualified leads organically. According to Hubspot’s Benchmarking report, companies who blog up to eight times per month see leads double, on average. Joh! Now who doesn’t want that?

Keep in mind though, this approach is not a magic wand, it requires consistency and patience, but will ultimately pay off.

2. What’s on offer?

People love feeling like they have won; be it a buy one get one free, percentage off or buy that and get this free, people eat it up. While this may not be the most creative way to get people to buy from you, it is highly effective. Using words like ‘limited’ or ‘exclusive’ add to the excitement around a promotional offer, stimulating trial and encouraging purchase. The higher the perceived value, the more interesting the offer. So don’t be Scrooge if you want to use this approach – commit 100% or try another approach.

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3. Testimonials and reviews

People trust people, not brands. Statistically, potential customers are more inclined to buy from a store or company if they have been referred by a friend or read great reviews and testimonials. If you don’t have any, now is a great time to start asking your existing clients to review your business.

You can actively use these powerful nuggets in your marketing by posting links on social media platforms or emailing prospects links to your customer success stories or case studies.

4. Landing pages and CTA’s

Sending people to proper landing pages is a fundamental step in converting leads. The step just before that is telling someone what to do with clear, concise calls to action. This is a critical step and often overlooked by businesses. By telling someone to ‘click here’ to ‘learn more’ to ‘sign up here’ or to ‘buy now’ you have a higher chance of converting website traffic into leads.

5. Social media is your greatest ally

It has never been easier or more cost effective to market a brand than it is today. Social media allows you the opportunity to communicate to a very specific target market, across a multitude of platforms. But… and there is a but, the secret to social media success, apart from having an active strategy, is consistency. By consistently posting, you improve visibility of your brand and have the opportunity to create dialogue in a highly social space.

The more presence your brand has online, the more brand recognition you have, the easier it is to convert leads. However, organic posting can only get you that far; paid advertising is essential for success with these channels but should never serve as the foundation to your strategy – paid media should be seen as ‘the cherry on top’ of great organic social media activity.

While any one of these lead generation strategies will work, a combination of approaches is usually the most powerful. Integrate your approach to lead generation and see where you hit and where you miss. Adjust, adapt and evolve these strategies until you find the best path to purchase that works for your marketing.

If you feel that this sounds like a huge amount of work, requiring a lot of time and resource, well you’re probably right. That is why so many companies choose to outsource this to professionals, like us 😉

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