All too often we are faced with the ‘content challenge’. Brands want awesome looking content that will entice people to stop scrolling and engage, but their champagne taste very often doesn’t tie in with their beer budget. Full on production shoots, professional models, expensive photographers – it is a whirlwind of R200 notes that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and bankrupt.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t despair. We have a couple of ideas that will assist you in creating great content without breaking the bank.

1. Get your community working for you.

User-generated content is probably one of the most effective, powerful and all round fantastic forms of content that you can get. Challenge your community with a photo-based competition to build up a library of content created by your users.
Make sure your competition terms and conditions clearly include a clause that allows you to use the image once it has been submitted.
Social etiquette would require that you give the photographer a shout out too, tag them in the post and share the love.

2. Do it yourself

Forget the fancy production crews and expensive cameras. All you need is a semi-decent phone camera and an eye for angles.
You don’t need a degree to take a photo – you probably do it on most days already. Brush up on some lighting and angle skills, rely on some really cool filters and boom, Bob’s your uncle!

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3. Get hooked up with stock libraries

Granted, not all stock libraries are created equally, but there are some great free sites that have a variety of fabulous images. If your budget allows, you can subscribe to some well-known ones, but it isn’t necessary. With all the free options out there, you’re bound to find an assortment of imagery that will work for you.

4. Colab with influencers

There are macro influencers, and then there are micro influencers. Collaborate with micro influencers for cost-effective content generation. Very often, these influencers already have an understanding of what is required to create killer content. They already understand angles and lighting and often have a handle on what their audience responds to.

Offer product in exchange for exposure and then watch the magic unfold. Be sure to have a very clear agreement in place to protect both parties and create a mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationship.

5. Repurpose content

Due to the ever-changing platform algorithms that we as content creators are subjected to, not everybody will see all your content all of the time. Instead of creating brand new pieces of content all of the time, learn how to repurpose your content to get longer legs from your masterpiece. For example, if you created a tutorial video for Facebook that is 2 minutes long, consider cutting it into a 30-second snapshot or condensed version for Instagram. Be sure to include a link which can drive them to the full video.

Maybe you spent hours writing an article that explains the intricacies of the polar bears mating rituals and you post it to your channels to get traffic to your website. Take that same blog, take excerpts from it and create bite-sized pieces of content to share on Facebook while including the link for people who may want to read the full article.

Is content creation a full-time job – yes. Does it require constant love and care – most definitely. Does it offer a great reward if cared for like the air-sucking-baby that it is – hell yes!

Can you choose to outsource it to a bunch of like-minded professionals who live for this kind of thing – most definitely.

Like this stupid-ass person once said to me, “You do you, Boo and leave the rest of it to those who do that!” despite the fact that I really don’t like the person who said it to me, I do respect what the person said and now I am sharing that wisdom with you.

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